Singer/Songwriters Samantha Marshall and Justin Landers have been playing in Austin and surrounding areas for over 6 years now. As The Landers Duo they worked very hard on developing a unique acoustic sound, combining Americana, Blues and Country influences using a guitar and a loop pedal, with a strong focus on vocal harmonies. The loop pedal is what makes them stand out, allowing them to layer intricate guitar leads over rhythms recorded LIVE on stage, wowing audiences every time.

The Landers Duo plays original Americana music, popular cover songs, and beautiful instrumental pieces for weddings, private events, live music venues, charities, happy hours and local restaurants. Live performances will have the audience captivated with an array of vocal harmonies coupled with guitar rhythms and leads, perfect for any acoustic event looking for live music to set the mood.

The Landers Duo can be romantic(weddings, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries), the center of attention(late-night acoustic parties/shows), or in the background(instrumental guitar and quiet vocals for mood music), whatever your specific need is, they can do it!

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