Jane and LM 2015 wedding

“Samantha and Justin are really two great and amazing artists and people. They both have amazing voices and their partnership really shines as a duo. They were very affordable, flexible and fun! We asked them to perform cover songs, their personal songs and the crowed loved them. We also asked them to learn a song for our processional and they killed it! They made it their own but kept the importance of the song. If you have a party, wedding or any type of need for a great performance I say book them!” – Jane Medina-Piech


“Landers/Marshall was the perfect addition to the relaxed atmosphere of our wedding welcome reception. They are very talented and great to work with. Highly recommend this duo!” – Corinne Cantu



“Landers/Marshall Duo was absolutely the perfect fit for the bride & groom who wanted to keep live music in every aspect of their wedding! Landers/Marshall Duo played music that fit the couples ceremony, they were a perfect transition into the cocktail hour….can I say perfect? I refer this duo every chance I get!” – Casey Dennis, DNA Events


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